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Movie: The Operation

Dr. Ed Betters seems to have the world in his skillful, surgical hands . . . a thriving practice, a plush home on Malibu Beach and a fire-red Ferrari in the driveway. But his loyal, loving patients don’t see the turmoil churning under his calm and caring persona.

Life in the fast lane takes a financial toll. And the strain of his crumbling marriage doesn’t help. Ginnie, his estranged wife, is also an accomplished physician . . . and the controlling partner of theBetters & Betters Clinic.

Dana Parks, a confident young real estate agent, also seems to have it all. She and her finance, John, a bright, sensitive college professor, are eagerly planning their future and a family. But a series of mysterious stomach pains force Dana to seek treatment. Ed must operate. But all goes wrong. He must perform a hysterectomy to save her life. Dana sees it differently. The doctor she trusted has taken away something she’ll never get back.

Was Ed trying to save a life or save his career? And why are Dana’s medical records so sparse? A seven-million dollar malpractice award, after all, would sure beat those skimpy sales commissions and meager teacher’s salary.

Joe Penney and Lisa Hartman star in this gripping thriller filled with surprising twists and turns . . . from the operating room to the courtroom . . . and finally, to a desolate mountain road . . . in a terrifying mixture of medicine and murder.

© 2010 Patrick J. O’Neill